The Indespensible Bobby Pin

“According to rumour, a clever woman can fix anything with a single ‘tool’ – a hairpin.” Complete House Encyclopaedia, Dorothy Pace (1947)

As soon as my mother, who was reading aloud to me from the Readers’ Digest Good Old Days, Good Old Ways: Wisdom of the Past for the Needs of Today, spoke the above quote, I knew. This is truth.

I have often wondered how such an incredibly vital tool such as the bobby pin can be overlooked for so long. Just take a moment to think about it. The bobby pin has so many invaluable uses!

Apart from styling my hair or pinning flowers in it, I personally have used bobby pins to unpick a lock, extract an earring from a washbasin plug, undo a knot in a cord, scrape gum out from the crack in my shoe, fix the radio in a car, unblock moisturizing cream nozzles, “paper clip” documents together, and mark my place in a book.

How many tools can be worn in your hair, ready to utilize at a moment’s notice?

Furthermore, a bobby pin is not at all expensive to buy. You can pick up a pack of 200 for a mere $3 at a dollar store. This is fortunate as, if you are like me, you will invariably leave bobby pins in your wake. They are wont, from time to time, to slip out of a carefully pinned hair bun – but we won’t hold this against them. Just think how much happier Gretel would have been if, instead of bread crumbs, she could have left a trail of bobby pins.

Of course, you want to be sure that you buy the best style and size bobby pin for you. So here is a brief guide to bobby pin shopping:

–          The longer bobby pin is ideal for pinning up waves of long hair. It will also provide a firm hold so that you can be confident your style will last.

–          The shorter bobby pin can be used to capture stray wisps and curls, and to eliminate “shark fins” while still being discreet.

–          I personally prefer a bobby pin that is tapered to a close at the opening end – however, some may prefer a wider mouth for ease of sliding into hair.

–          The colour of your bobby pin is important, so take a moment to decide what its purpose will be before you purchase.

  • If you merely want to hold a style in place, use a bobby pin that is close to your natural hair colour.
  • If you would like the pin to double as a fashion accessory, choose a contrasting colour that will stand out.
  • For real glitz and glamour, style your hair with gold, silver or pastel-coloured bobby pins.

So, Girls, I encourage you to start using your bobby pins to their fullest extent. And come on, Guys – it’s the perfect, inexpensive-yet-oh-so-vital gift, with so many uses you can never go wrong!


Ode to the Bobby Pin

A slender pin with ridged back

That keeps unruly hair on track

And though it seems to take a while

It’s worth it for resulting style

So if you find the day looms vast

Just leave bad hair days in the past

And fix upon your face a grin

And in your locks a bobby pin


4 thoughts on “The Indespensible Bobby Pin

  1. Honestly Emma, only you could construct an awesome post about the bobby pin! Reminds me of the time I had to write a 5 paragraph essay about spoons…
    Some very good points there btw, I will never look at one the same again 🙂 Cute poem.

  2. Shanna says:

    SO true – where would we be without bobby pins??? Utterly depressed by weeks of bad hairdays? 😉

  3. bex says:

    i swear I spend half my life picking up abby’s ones…she leaves them everywhere !!!!!!
    love your posts emmie

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