I Built a Castle in the Sand

I built a castle in the sand
The moat so deep, the walls so grand
The towers high, the bridge at ease
The flags aflutter in the breeze

I dug the trenches with my spade
Each window ledge my fingers made
I fashioned driftwood into doors
And gently smoothed the sandy floors

The pipi shells, all smooth and bright,
Adorned the fort like brides in white
With coloured pebbles set below
Like precious gems – a polished glow

Soft satin sand so shimmery
Its diamonds glittered ebony
The paua tint a purple blue
Round mirrors of the ocean’s hue

So beautiful! So tall and strong!
The waves broke foam in joyful song
The wind picked up the salty tune
And swirled my architectured dune

Too soon the sea was midnight blue
The sun-kissed sand a rosy hue
My heart skipped home to wait the night
And come back with the morning light


As warm rays gently woke the land
My footprints tickled sleepy sand
My sandcastle awaited me –
But not how it was meant to be

In disbelief, I saw the mound
Of sandcastle crushed to the ground
Of towers fallen, walls torn down
And shells flung at the sea to drown

The coloured pebbles scattered wide
No roof or ramparts rose in pride
How could another be so cruel,
And crush something so beautiful?

My trembling fingers scooped the sand
And let the grains slip from my hand
All nature stopped to weep with me
And mourn my castle by the sea

The waves roared loud in angry pain
The wind stormed past in crying rain
A lonesome seagull cried along
My tear drops were a silent song

Brought low in heavy atmosphere
I joined my castle in despair
The broken monument a din
Of broken dreams that said ‘give in’

How long must hate and hurt prevail?
For if one dares to fill a pail
And build in love a sandy fort
Another shatters without thought

Sandcastle-crushers do abound
Heart-breakers always will be found
Dream-takers blind to mystery,
Imagination and beauty

If effort can be spent in vain
If sandcastles are crushed again
Will I still be a soul that flies?
The sun is dawning – will I rise?


I built a castle in the sand…

© Emma McGeorge


13 thoughts on “I Built a Castle in the Sand

  1. Jeanette says:

    Oh wow Emma…so beautiful!

  2. Neil Strugnell says:

    INCREDIBLE talent. SO beautifully written. I LOVE it, Em!
    The pictures of that castle were very vivid……!

  3. Joel McGeorge says:

    Great poem Em!

    It was a great sandcastle too, but if its destruction is what it took for this poem to be formed…it was worth it. 😉

    I love the diversity of style from one of your pieces to the next. Awesome ability.

    Keep it up, sis! Love you, Joel.

    On Fri, Apr 26, 2013 at 11:41 PM, Kaleidoscope

  4. Vicki says:

    Emmie, I remember how you felt when that sand-castle had been destroyed… how wonderful that in the midst of that disappointment God gave you this picture of hope and overcoming; so beautifully expressed my daughter. Keep writing for God.

  5. John says:

    Emma, the writer’s gift is to take whatever comes to us and fashion something of beauty out of it. This is a great gift, akin to what God does in our lives. Keep building…

    Love Pops

  6. Shanna says:

    Beautiful poem, Em, I love your creative way of expressing everything… Love it!!

  7. Kathy says:

    Such a moving poem, Emma. Remember, nobody can break the castle God is building for you. Love from, Mrs Pyle.

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