The Language of Love is Enough

FriendsOne is a foreigner living in a strange country. One is a native living in the strangeness of her poverty-stricken world.

One is a homeless wanderer who finds shelter downstairs in the kindness of a landlord. One is a temporary stayer who has chosen to live and serve in a dwelling that is not her own. Neither belongs, but both call the same place home.

Life has been very cruel to the older woman. Life has not been easy for the younger woman.

Two women. Two backgrounds that couldn’t be more different; two hearts that couldn’t be closer.

playdoughEvery day, the downstairs resident makes her way carefully upstairs. The upstairs resident greets her with a smile and a warm hug. The women share coffee and treats, a laugh and a chat. One has little possessions, and one has nothing at all – but here they both have everything.

Sometimes, the adopted “Nana” plays play-dough with the children. Sometimes, her foreign “daughter” mends her faded clothes.

Oh – and one more thing you should know about these two precious women. Neither speaks the other’s language.

This is their story, simple and profound. This is their friendship, inconceivable and inspiring.

They are already separated by culture, age, background, status. And not even language can be the bond that unites them.

But sometimes, words are not the only road on which love can travel.

Sometimes it is when love is at its quietest that we hear it the loudest.

Sometimes the language of love is enough.


© Emma McGeorge

Special thanks to Jenny Wilkinson for sharing this story and her insight that “the language of love is enough”.
NB: The two women have not been named due to cultural sensitivities.


2 thoughts on “The Language of Love is Enough

  1. Jolly says:

    Haha! I laughed for joy. 😀 Wow, praise Jesus; our unity. I loved this, Em. It’s so touching and so joyful. A poignant reminder. Thanks for sharing!

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