No Reason

The window was smashed.

Glass slivered across the ground, it’s sharp edges cutting the yellow streetlight into broken fragments.

Nothing was stolen from the helpless vehicle. The radio was intact, the seat covers unharmed, the few odd bits in the glove box – worthless items such as a lint roller and a water bottle – remained in place.

So why break a window? There was no gain for the perpetrator. No profit from this quick and mindless “job”. Why cause a fellow human being cost and angst? Changed plans and further stretching of an already tight budget?

No reason.

The problem with no reason, is that one can’t fight it. Because, well, there’s no reason. There is no basis or cause for this event. No fact or belief applied to this action.

It came. It went. And nothing.

Reason has many forms and definitions: justification of a belief, explanation of an action, mental powers exercised in forming judgements or conclusions, good sense, sanity, logic, philosophy.

None of these, unfortunately, run rampant in society.

It is this very lack of reason which causes me to reason that reason itself is a dying art of humanity.

No longer will we apply logic to our actions. No longer will we make intelligent or even wise decisions.

Yet the loss of reasonableness does not stop there.

Now, we will no longer act upon a whim of compassion. No longer will we plot out a deed to bring goodness or graciousness into this shattered world.

We will act upon selfish impulse. Scorn old-fashioned traits such as practiced kindness or acted out good will. Throw out reason with the bathwater AND the baby.

We will shut our ears to the part of our mind that asks “Why?”


No reason.

Instead, we reason with our warped sense of self-gratification. And if there is no self-gratification, then we will blunder ahead in ignorance and destruction anyway for

No reason.

So why should you read on? Why should I write on? Why should we, as a race, carry on carrying on?

I confess that I, a staunch optimist and firm believer in the basic goodness of humankind, was losing heart. Until a man named Paul summed it up for me like this:

“…we have not the spirit of fear, but of strength and of love and of REASON.” *

It is a sound mind. It is sense and self-control. It is a basis and a cause.

And yet, it is so much more…

It is logic wrapped up in love. It is belief stemmed from faith. It is judgement married to grace.

It is reason in its purest and truest essence.

How can I know it’s true? How can I see it in the fragmented world around me? How can I live it?

By defying fear, and forgiving anyway.
By overcoming angst and choosing strength.
By daring to love, even when there seems to be

No reason.

*2 Timothy 1:7

© Emma McGeorge, 2 June 2014


4 thoughts on “No Reason

  1. Esther S. says:

    This is a very good point, eloquently made, Emma.
    It is hard to retain our optimism when these evidences of irrationality touch us personally. But I feel you have helped us to do so with this post.
    I pray God might use it in other peoples lives to renew hope and faith and love – if not in mankind, at least in Him as he works through His chosen ones.
    I love you.
    Esther Stuart

  2. Jeanette says:

    Amazing reading Emma….His love shines through your words💗

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