I Choose Life

How deeply is God in our humanity? And vice versa?

Must His leading always be a clear, spiritual moment? Can He not guide us using our human sense and intuition also?

If Christ is in me, can I not simply walk as I see the way before me? Not in arrogance or ignorance, but in the freedom of knowing that He is ingrained within my very soul. And knowing that it does not matter if I step to the right or to the left,  because I walk in Him, and Him in me…

I don’t want to live in perpetual concern that I may have missed a step or veered too far off to the side.

I want to LIVE.

Yes, there will be loss and mistakes. There will be pain and confusion. But isn’t that a part of life?

I’m tired of scrambling to ease the concerns of every person who feels I’m not doing “the right thing”.
Right by whose standards?
Yours? Mine? God’s?

I want to be free to laugh and cry and go hither or yonder, light in my step and firm in my heart because Christ dwells within.

It’s not pride – it’s passion to thrive.
It’s not delusion – it’s wonder in the joy.

Life is full of beautiful and unexpected moments. Must I ask permission or seek approval in order to delight in those moments? Or to dwell in their depth?

If I step forward, not knowing everything, yet knowing that God is my heart beat and indeed my very breath – why should I be made guilty for choosing to do more than merely exist by others’ rules?

God is in me. And I am in Him.

Yes, I am human. I live in a fallen world. I will experience darkness. It will discourage me. Maybe even crush me.

But it will not destroy me.

Because even my humanness is somehow sacred.

The presence of Jesus is mine, whether I’m basking in the sunlight or shivering in the shadow. Whether I’m humbly bowing amidst the gracelessness of this world, or fighting a battle I didn’t ask for, or running forward in reckless, joyful abandon.

I refuse to toe the line. I won’t fold myself into the box.

I will not allow the angst or apathy of others to stop me from diving into the pure and beautiful joy of living.

I was made to do more. I was made to be more.

I was not made for existence.

I was made for life.


4 thoughts on “I Choose Life

  1. Neil says:

    Wonderfully expressed with the full experience of the Truth and the Life within you……. You have NO reason to fear anything that “life” throws at you while you are in that mind-set….
    Bless you…!

  2. Jeanette says:

    I love this Em…

  3. Rosalie McGeorge says:

    So true Em, you have such a way with words! ❤

  4. Thank God for the freedom of living in Him! I also discovered the freedom of making decisions without wondering if I was taking the ‘wrong’ step, but I have never been able to put that discovery into words; you’ve said it beautifully, thank you! You’ve reminded me of a lesson learned long ago but crowded out by the busyness of life xxx

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