Can I Hear It?

The world is weeping.
Tears fall down its face in a grey rain.
Fear abounds where anger resounds where pain compounds.
Can I hear it?
The world is hurting.
Broken dreams shatter on the hard ground.
Trust betrayed shies from love dismayed hides from hope too frayed.
Can I see it?
The world is gasping.
Shuddering, panicking, gaping for air.
Minds made dumb from hearts made numb from the endless thrum.
Can I grasp it?
The world is breaking.
Crumbling, shaking, freezing, quaking…
Hope’s warmth lost in the biting frost of too big a cost.
Can I stand it?
The world is dying.
Breathe exhales down a one way street.
Death still sings as the end bell rings as the darkness stings.
Can I feel it?
The world is weeping.
Solitary tears fall down a globe that is teeming with collective aloneness.
If only love would be the brand of an outstretched hand of one or two who would dare stand…
…and not walk away.
Can I ignore it?
© Emma McGeorge 2014

3 thoughts on “Can I Hear It?

  1. Mamma says:

    So well expressed, Em; I can’t ignore it!

  2. Esther S. says:

    Emma, This is such a beautiful poem!
    Not only is the rhyming and meter of it a shear delight to read aloud, but the depth of empathy it provokes is incredibly moving and compelling.
    God has given you an incredible gift with words and I am so glad you are using it for his glory.
    Thank you for sharing this. I will certainly pass it on to others.
    Love from
    Esther S.

  3. John McGeorge says:

    Hi Em,

    I found this when I came into the office today. I was actually praying about it this morning – we were praying for several people in need, and I remembered the quote about this world being a vale of tears, searching for grace and hope.

    I think your piece is the right response – we will never understand, never know all the “whys”; all we can do is to respond with the heart of God, to share God’s love and presence with a hurting world.

    May He continue to bless you and your giftings in doing that.

    Love, Dad


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