Tears of God

Raindrops are falling like so many tears

Brokenly singing the song of my fears

Low is the sky with the weight of this cloud

Wrapping the earth in a sorrowful shroud

Somewhere the sun shines, but here it’s unseen

Mem’ries alone tell me what once has been

Yet in this chill wind where colors are grey

Raindrops are healing, for words cannot say

How much you mean to me, how much I care

How much I cherish those times we could share

So, though the heavens are crying in pain

And though I weep – oh! To see you again –

I let the raindrops break down in my place

Feeling the tears of God on my face

IMG_3579 - Copy

Dedicated to my precious Grandpa, “Stan” Stanfield

Tears of God © Emma McGeorge 15 February 2015


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