Raining Words

the rain falls heavy upon the ground

dashing recklessly, splashing and gasping and tumbling

over flowers and buildings and trees

the air is overripe with unsung words

I know this, because I see them falling heavily to the ground

wrapped in an incandescent globe

too many words for this world to bear

far too many words

and far too few pages to hold them

they tumble and fall and sing to a deaf night

their low, grey tune thrums all around me


yet saying everything I cannot

so who am I to tell them not to fly?

who am I to tell them to hold back?

to beg them to snuggle down in their misty mansions and wait until the earth is ready to soak them in?

the globe keeps spinning

the dusty ground keeps sighing

the words keeps falling from the sky

and I welcome the downpour

whether I am ready or not

standing in the fresh coolness

listening to a song with no rhyme

drenched in the rain

marveling in the words

as they tumble and dance in their dewy cloaks