blank pages

blank pages

haunting with an open, empty stare

no ink swirls gracefully across the void spaces

no pen softly kisses the shy, papery cheeks

blank pages

lying aimless and alone

bereft of anything but their own inadequacy

and yet it is not

their blame to own

even if it is

their shame to be known as

blank pages

for how can a page be filled

if the tumbling words never spill over

like autumn leaves painting the ground?

if rhythm dances elusively

and rhyme refuses to sing

then how can a parchment

no matter how willing

ever carry the world?

for no matter how much these

blank pages

long to capture a heartbeat

and hold it to their breast

sometimes the words run free



like wild, rippling waves

frothing wordless

and leaving in their empty wake only

unsung woes

and unheard sighs

and unspoken wonderings

that cannot yet take their sweet rest upon these

blank pages

© Emma McGeorge 2015


One thought on “blank pages

  1. Amazing words, Em – you always manage to describe feelings so well and even when the page is blank, your words aren’t!

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