Now Is Always a Good Time

I wanted to talk to God.

They told me now wasn’t a good time.

You can’t just up and talk to Him

they said

There are steps you have to take; certain things that have to happen first

they told me

My heart was heavy. My soul was empty.

You can’t just connect with the Lord Almighty.

their words echoed

lost and alone like me

But I tried again. I just wanted to connect with Him.

They reminded me that I wasn’t ready yet.

You can’t connect with God until you’ve settled your past

they said

You have to sort out your anger and attitude first; you have to deal with your troubles and your issues so that they are not your focus when you try to commune with Him

they told me

My mind froze, caught up in the dark cloud of those very troubles that I hoped God would blow away. What if He looked at the clouds, but didn’t see me tangled up inside?

Please, I just want to meet with God.

They reminded me that I wasn’t in a good place.

You don’t even know what you want to say

they said

Your heart is empty and your mind is scattered and your soul is dragging itself through the inky darkness

they told me

And that’s no state to be in if you want to meet with God.

I turned away in despair. I wept. I carried one word in my palm.


I’m here

He said

I’ve already heard you

He told me

You don’t have to be in a good place to meet me

He reminded me

Because I am the One who meets you and

I find you wherever you are at and

I hold you close to My heart regardless


Now is always a good time

He whispered


© Emma McGeorge 08/09/2015


7 thoughts on “Now Is Always a Good Time

  1. Neil says:

    Em, I am so very intrigued by this one ….. Where did the inspiration come from to write this…?? WHO was saying these things ..?? Was it something personal .. or is it someone else’s experiences ..??
    The ending is so VERY true .. GOD is ALWAYS available ..! (Thank God ..!!)

    You may may want to respond in an direct email .. !!

    I pray all is going well in PNG and that God continues to protect you ( and those around you ) and provide all your needs.. as you minister in His name!

    Much love and Blessings…

  2. Kathy Pyle says:

    Hi Emma. Is that you in the cloud? If so, remember that He is right in there with you! Remember your poem Tears of God. “Low is the sky with the weight of this cloud, Wrapping the earth in its sorrowful shroud’ and Ps. 18:11-12 “He made the darkness His covering, His canopy around Him- the dark rain clouds of the sky.Out of the brightness of His Presence, clouds advanced…&v6 ” So there in the canopy with Him is a good place, even though seemingly dark and lonely. Lots of love xxoo

  3. Isn’t it a blessing that God chose to love us first, and just as we are? Thanks for sharing this Emmie – we need reminding often that God wants us to be real with Him, and that He’s already IN our situation and ready to meet us wherever we’re at! 🙂 I’m so grateful our relationship is all about what He’s done and is doing, and not about what I’ve done and am doing…

  4. Neil says:

    (((((( Just gotta luv the lingo …! )))))

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