Assumptions and Other Crimes

I think I’ll stay home this evening
she said

she’s coming down with a head cold
she’s too high and mighty to join in our event-of-the-year
she’s suffering from apathy at the very least
they said

and thus she stayed home
and quietly finished the loving letter she was writing
to her dear grandmother
who was sick
and elderly
and lived an ocean away.

and thus they nodded their heads
and explained her absence
due to pride
or laziness
or both


I’d love to attend another social engagement
she said

she’s attention-seeking
she gets high from working a room
she’s overcaffeinated at the very least
they said

and thus she soaked in the joy of companionship
after a lonely week
of working too hard
and thinking too late into the night
and wishing too unsuccessfully
that she could embrace
the family member
who had just been diagnosed
with a terminal illness

and thus they shook their heads
and explained her presence
due to flirtation
or self-gratification
or both


and the assumptions piled up and collated

and the reasons slipped by unnoticed

and they pressed
their assumptions upon her
in order to assist her
in order to change her

and she bore the weight
in confusion
and self-doubt
wishing someone would help
ease the burdens
she already carried


and one day
they will open their eyes
and look beyond the assumptions
and see the rainbow colours of the painting
which they had proclaimed
was black and white

and one day
she will walk free of the assumptions
and know that she is being seen as she is
and know that she is no longer
being forced to watch others converse
with her reflection

© Emma McGeorge 2015


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