she wore the veil

she wore the veil with virgin grace
and draped it o’er her brow
and hidden there she wore the air
of dignity – yet how
came she to stand, shunned, in this place

she wore the veil of unjust shame
by others she was robed
– this quiet child of manners mild –
in words that cut and probed
determined to find sin and blame

she wore the veil her man gave back
despite his love, for she
had crossed the grove which he behove
and rumour had run free
and found her guilty of the black

she wore the veil the angel left
it shone through pain and gloom
spoke God’s great need to plant a seed
of hope inside her womb
to save humanity bereft

she wore the veil with reckless joy
abandoned to His love
the shame was lost to higher cost
of birthing grace from Him above
wrapped in her holy veil a tiny boy

© Emma McGeorge