A Musing

And Other Thinks

            I like to think. And I like to think about my thinks. Some thinks are only fleeting, and may provide some amusement or revelation that redirects my path by a few degrees. Other thinks are much deeper, and take much longer to process. And still other thinks get embedded in my brain like a burr on a sock – and I cannot but pay it the attention for which it clamours.

Yet these thinks do no good if they go no further than my own solid cranium, and so I endeavour to pour onto paper my ponderings and wonderings and even my brick walls. Perhaps one of my readers has the right ladder with which to see over said walls.

My passion is to capture in written form the sparks and quirks and moments of downright random that make ordinary, everyday life anything but ordinary. Humanity is alive and kicking, and if we take a moment to reflect, we are only too ready to laugh at ourselves or cry with another or soak in a blessed truth like rain to a parched land.

Too often, we are content to shuttle through each day with no more enthusiasm than a San Francisco cable car – stopping only to pick up or drop off passengers, and always following the same track. Yet life is so much more than the mundane apparel of the daily grind that we drape across our shoulders like a weary cloak.

What is the purpose of life? What is my purpose in this life? How do I know if I am truly living? These questions are recurring themes in the book of my life, and I can only write them out and muse over the chapters and see what God reveals in the process.

Knowing God is the difference between existence and life, and I am on a journey to understand and embrace this difference – with a life that is being lived. Will you join me?

As we explore life, the universe and everything together, no doubt we will come up with more than the answer “42”. Thinking thinks about life will be eye-opening, somewhat bumpy, often delightful, and always “a musing”.


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