she wore the veil

she wore the veil with virgin grace
and draped it o’er her brow
and hidden there she wore the air
of dignity – yet how
came she to stand, shunned, in this place

she wore the veil of unjust shame
by others she was robed
– this quiet child of manners mild –
in words that cut and probed
determined to find sin and blame

she wore the veil her man gave back
despite his love, for she
had crossed the grove which he behove
and rumour had run free
and found her guilty of the black

she wore the veil the angel left
it shone through pain and gloom
spoke God’s great need to plant a seed
of hope inside her womb
to save humanity bereft

she wore the veil with reckless joy
abandoned to His love
the shame was lost to higher cost
of birthing grace from Him above
wrapped in her holy veil a tiny boy

© Emma McGeorge


blank pages

blank pages

haunting with an open, empty stare

no ink swirls gracefully across the void spaces

no pen softly kisses the shy, papery cheeks

blank pages

lying aimless and alone

bereft of anything but their own inadequacy

and yet it is not

their blame to own

even if it is

their shame to be known as

blank pages

for how can a page be filled

if the tumbling words never spill over

like autumn leaves painting the ground?

if rhythm dances elusively

and rhyme refuses to sing

then how can a parchment

no matter how willing

ever carry the world?

for no matter how much these

blank pages

long to capture a heartbeat

and hold it to their breast

sometimes the words run free



like wild, rippling waves

frothing wordless

and leaving in their empty wake only

unsung woes

and unheard sighs

and unspoken wonderings

that cannot yet take their sweet rest upon these

blank pages

© Emma McGeorge 2015

Raining Words

the rain falls heavy upon the ground

dashing recklessly, splashing and gasping and tumbling

over flowers and buildings and trees

the air is overripe with unsung words

I know this, because I see them falling heavily to the ground

wrapped in an incandescent globe

too many words for this world to bear

far too many words

and far too few pages to hold them

they tumble and fall and sing to a deaf night

their low, grey tune thrums all around me


yet saying everything I cannot

so who am I to tell them not to fly?

who am I to tell them to hold back?

to beg them to snuggle down in their misty mansions and wait until the earth is ready to soak them in?

the globe keeps spinning

the dusty ground keeps sighing

the words keeps falling from the sky

and I welcome the downpour

whether I am ready or not

standing in the fresh coolness

listening to a song with no rhyme

drenched in the rain

marveling in the words

as they tumble and dance in their dewy cloaks

Tears of God

Raindrops are falling like so many tears

Brokenly singing the song of my fears

Low is the sky with the weight of this cloud

Wrapping the earth in a sorrowful shroud

Somewhere the sun shines, but here it’s unseen

Mem’ries alone tell me what once has been

Yet in this chill wind where colors are grey

Raindrops are healing, for words cannot say

How much you mean to me, how much I care

How much I cherish those times we could share

So, though the heavens are crying in pain

And though I weep – oh! To see you again –

I let the raindrops break down in my place

Feeling the tears of God on my face

IMG_3579 - Copy

Dedicated to my precious Grandpa, “Stan” Stanfield

Tears of God © Emma McGeorge 15 February 2015

Can I Hear It?

The world is weeping.
Tears fall down its face in a grey rain.
Fear abounds where anger resounds where pain compounds.
Can I hear it?
The world is hurting.
Broken dreams shatter on the hard ground.
Trust betrayed shies from love dismayed hides from hope too frayed.
Can I see it?
The world is gasping.
Shuddering, panicking, gaping for air.
Minds made dumb from hearts made numb from the endless thrum.
Can I grasp it?
The world is breaking.
Crumbling, shaking, freezing, quaking…
Hope’s warmth lost in the biting frost of too big a cost.
Can I stand it?
The world is dying.
Breathe exhales down a one way street.
Death still sings as the end bell rings as the darkness stings.
Can I feel it?
The world is weeping.
Solitary tears fall down a globe that is teeming with collective aloneness.
If only love would be the brand of an outstretched hand of one or two who would dare stand…
…and not walk away.
Can I ignore it?
© Emma McGeorge 2014

I Need You

I need you.

I need you to fill a need.

I just need a friend.

I need you to point out the silver lining,
because I am shadowed
in cloud.

I need you to laugh infectiously,
because I have forgotten
how to smile.

I need you to pick the brightest flowers,
because I no longer see the roses
among the thorns.

I need you to walk beside me in the unknown,
because even in my confusion I can sense when I’m
walking alone.

I need you to hold me silently,
because I unknowingly crave the gentle strength of
an embrace.

I need you to catch the weight of my sorrows,
because my own vessel cracks with the overflow of
my tears.

I need you to let me storm and rage and weep,
because I can’t remember if it’s okay to
fall apart.

I need you to take my hands and raise them,
because I have given up
on prayer.

I need you to tell me that I’m worth all this,
that you love me anyway,
that you care.

So that one day, someday,
I can be the one to fill a need
for you.








© Emma McGeorge, April 2014

It’s All I’ve Got


I broke it

the words slipped out

like shards


scraping the soul.

the heart was


with its own unbearable weight.

goodness and lightness

beat within, but so apparently did


I’m not perfect

At least I had tried

or attempted to try

or wanted to try

or wanted to want to try.

humanity is an

invisible reality of a


that can never be shaken


I must give something, I will give something

I only wish I had something


to give,

something perfect and pure and whole and


What, O what, can I give now?

is there


here that I would want to

give to


if there is I cannot see it.

can You?



beauty no longer sleeps



love is stained now by the


of a bleeding pen



spill out of the cracks of a

broken heart

because it was too hard

the world

was too cruel and


was too unknown and


was too confused and

careless and

weary and

bitter and


So this is me


I lift my heart,


I finish

It’s all I’ve got




He completes

It’s all I ever wanted


© Emma McGeorge, March 2014